For PF Changs: Paint the City Peaceful

For PF Changs: Paint the City Peaceful

June 2020.

There was so much shouting during this period of time.  A lot of it from previously marginalized voices that desperately needed to be heard, and much of it from existential fear during a global pandemic.   Santa Monica experienced a wave of vanadlism in June 2020, from looters taking advantage of the Black Lives Matter Protests occupying law enforcement across down.  The Paint the City Peaceful project was a volunteer initiative in which dozens of loval artists came together to share messages of hope and rebuilding on our boarded up storefronts.

My boards were the Wilshire Blvd-facing side of PF Changs, near the iconic 3rd street Promenade.  It was an honor and a gift to be able to bring a message of hope to my community in a confusing time, and in such a highly visible area.


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August 12, 2020