Sam Obisanya (of Ted Lasso fame)

Sam Obisanya (of Ted Lasso fame)

Fall of 2021 found me exploring a series of canvas bold-color portraits. I wondered how easily that work might translate into my mural practice, and noticed that with the technique’s successive use of semi-transparent layers, it might be the perfect place for the aerosol spray paint practice I’d been wanting to do more of.

This, the idea for a spray painted bold color portrait emerged.

Ted Lasso was one of those rare pop culture phenomena that brought not just hope, but daily modelling of how to treat each other better as humans. I was naturally obsessed, and had been using several of the show’s characters for my informal sketching practice.

Sam was a natural choice to go big with, and I love the outcome. I’m excited to do more work along these lines.


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March 7, 2022