Space Flower Dreams

Bedroom mural of vibrant flowers over a dark starry sky with two moons.

March 2024, Approx 80 square feet.

We knew going in that this mural would be floral in nature.  I was taking a floral painting course, and a friend offered her wall as an integration site for my learnings.   Through the development process, the client expressed a love of stark warm/cool contrast, and a desire for something that aligned with the family’s creative and nontraditional aesthetic.

During the painting process, she shared with me that orange flowers were always her favorite, and that they had a tulip magnolia tree not entirely unlike this one in their last home that they just adored.  I love those magic moments where somehow we communicate without words, and an artist can pick up on loves that are never even mentioned.  That communication beyond the explicit remains a fascination of mine and driving force in my work.


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April 28, 2024