Large outdoor Mural featuring a cosmic Sea scene

About the Artist

With I am a muralist and compassion advocate.

I believe in joy.

I work for a world where our surroundings remind us of who we most want to be, and energize us for this wild, challenging, rewarding ride we call life.

My process is collaborative, and tender.  I hold each project as a precious touchstone for the heart of the home or community who’s walls it will dance upon.  It’s a lifeline for their full, sparkling, aliveness.

With a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, a background in coaching, and a history of successful entrepreneurship, my work is about much more than just paintings.  It’s ushering in new possibilities.

Let’s create this new world together. 

“Wisdom is the ability to see the shape of your life, without obliterating any single instant of it”

-Michael Eselun