By Your Side Dance Studio

By Your Side Dance Studio

This 2020-2021 Project is still underway.

I was approached to create a mural for this beloved local ballroom dance studio, in preparation to welcome students back, once pandemic lockdown restrictions would be lifted.  Through the collaboration process, the studio owner had the idea to honor all of her staff, by adding their portraits to the mural as each of their birthdays rolled around.

Our key grounding principles for design were enchantment and elegance, qualities central to the world of ballroom dance.  A ton of fun challenges presented themselves through this project: most notably, “How to fit in all those people?”.  (With a Busby-Berkeley inspired staircase layout!)  It’s been a rich process to chose and paint images of each dancer that would both show off their vibrant personalities, and create a sense of unified scene for the whole wall.


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November 4, 2020